BE is GU’s original living cooperation model for learning and realization.

This model represents the various interconnectedness of ‘being’.


This can be adopted in various units such as individuals or groups.


The six spheres represent various interconnectedness and energetic states of entire being of One that exists on Planet Earth and are aligned with one another.


WATASHI (“I” and “to pass”)

Consciousness shift of “I” (Watashi). From individual (watashi) to universal (WATASHI).


AI (Love)

The source of Life that enriches ‘I” and society.


PLANET (All is interconnected)

Correlated networks of nature(stars, plants, organisms, minerals, etc) and social entities

with the core of the earth.


SHINH (core, new, trust, heart, forest, deep, moderate, parents, etc.)

Always support co-creation and maintain essential commitment.


PLENUM (zero point creation energy)

Existing infinite energy available for co-creation.


UA NOA (a traditionally revered expression in Hawai’ian to mean ‘to become free essentially’)

An open, creative and collaborative expression of peace on earth.


000 (zero zero zero)

In GU, the workings of generating existence from nothingness and the universal field is described as 000.


BE is utilized by 000 PAF GLOBAL UNIVER-CITY(GU) who co-creates UNIVER-CITIES 

around the world with our gratitude for our lives on the planet Earth.


GU recognizes the importance of how we maintain our state of being in any kind of learning or action.