EDUCATION FOR LIFE (EFL) is a model that brings out the “fulfilling  potentiality of living”, which is adopted by GU.

The Japanese translation of ‘Life’ has different writings/expressions for all living beings, daily lives, biological life, to live, human life and others.  LIFE expressed in EFL includes all of these.

GU uses EFL as a living model, and from the perspective that all of works together with people, things, and workings based on 0, by drawing out and nurturing one another’s possibilities.

We are cultivating the mutual growth and realization of a planetary co-creative society.


○ Referential example of EFL model:

0. Life Fulfilled  Be    – feel appreciate do think

Life Fulfilled at the heart shows that living is essentially of a state of fulfillment, which is always the case.

Regardless of the current situation, it is key to start things from the conscious point of fulfilling “the essence of being”.

Whether or not we have the perception that “the source of life is full” greatly affects our attitude toward life.


1.Life Care    Feel – appreciate do think be

Putting our heart and effort into “Life”.  It represents that Life nurtures everything.

Life does not solely exist and consists of diverse and multi-layered interrelationships.

No matter what your position is, it is essential to be aware that we do not exist unilaterally for someone, and that we are supported by someone or something.

Caring for oneself is one of the greatest contributions to others.

It is also cardinal to be aware of and act on Care in relation to nature.


  1. Life Skills    Do – think be appreciate feel

Life forms have the skills for survival that are internalized to instinct.

For human beings, acquiring the skills necessary for living is indispensable for maintaining one’s life and it can be said the depth of real pleasure of living.

The fields in which each individual is good at and the essential technologies vary depending on where one lives and one’s own individuality.

Living while utilizing one another’s skills and engaging in further learning and reciprocal help will grow to be joyful and life-rewarding.


  1. Life Wisdom    Appreciate – be feel think do

Life seems to have a inclination to “continue” beyond death and life.

It seems that the essence of the workings of life lies beyond the respective length of individual lives.

In the crisis of survival, the workings of life, which are opposite or have different nature, may develop beyond the existing framework and realize a new way of being.

To learn deeply from the appearance and work of nature and life.

Resuscitating and revitalizing the wisdom of life, which is always working inside and outside of ourselves, will be an indicator for the revival of all life on earth, including humankind.

The wisdom that humankind has cultivated as a member of life in the great cycle of nature across generations is an irreplaceable treasure.


  1. Life Awareness    Think – feel appreciate do be

Focusing on the fact that we are ‘alive’ may not be common in our daily lives.

As a matter of course, living itself is a series of enormous processes, including the formation of the universe and the history of the earth, and we are benefiting from the continuous activities of various lives.

We are experiencing the current life under such synthesis of workings.

It is no exaggeration to say that the reality of unsustainable human society is due to our consciousness and actions that neglected the cycle of life.

We aim to be capable of solving problems and further develop co-creation methods by improving the precision of the way of cooperation based on our own trajectory correction and restoration of alignment with the workings of nature.

Let us activate the resource of our original “capacity to see through” and use the sense of ‘something misaligned’ as navigator.

Let us take advantage of our simple awareness and confirm the big transformation caused by small changes.

From concrete examples of practice

EDUCATION FOR LIFE (EFL) is a practical model and the key for us human beings to bring out the mutual potential of “life” together with all beings as members of life in order to realize much more plentiful and fulfilling global society.

It is also a model of lifelong learning that is in accord with the universal workings of life.

The key to implementing EFL is to start from the depths of our own remembrance of its core; Life Fulfilled.

It is to also start with the harshness of the present situation and the essence of the universality of life that transcends emotions.

EFL is alive in a variety of places of life, work and social activities, and the process of noticing it is an irreplaceable joy.


As the distortion of economic-priority development at the expense of the natural environment becomes evident worldwide, we aim to realize a planetary global society by deeply understanding the critical situation of life on the earth. Asking “What is the essence of learning as a human being?”, GU started its activities in 1996 as a networking organization for lifelong learning and social education (co-education). (Life Care)

Through learning humbly from daily experiences, co-creating GU projects, interacting with members and friends of local, national and world-wide and collaborating and implementing projects promoted by each member, GU itself also learns and evolves together for further essential coordinations. (Life Awareness)

In order to achieve the purpose, BE model, EDUCATION FOR LIFE model, FIELDSHIP, etc. are adopted for cooperations. (Life Skills)

The co-creation of UNIVER-CITIES based on EFL has generated a template of abundant local and global society where co-creators learn, work, play, live and appreciate one another. (Life Wisdom)

GU is always based on the fact that Life Fulfilled is at the center, no matter where we are at.  This is to say that we are always conscious of being with creation process.