UNIVER-CITY stands for the following:

UNI – being connected as one.
VER – to seem to appear in various manners in UNI.
CITY – an area where human activities work to bring mutual livability and affluence.

In other words, UNIVER stands for inter-connectedness of all that exists including ecological activities of the earth.

UNIVER-CITY refers to Field where the activities of human beings as a member are constantly being renewed and functioning beautifully.

The activities of UNIVER-CITY are aimed at co-operation and co-creation in the following three-in-one Field.

1 Universal Field
2 Life Field
3 Actual Field

* The co-creation activities in 1,2 and 3 are diverse depending on the characteristics and speciality of the person, project, legal entity, region, and platform, fostering Eco-System among humans and nature workings with dynamic equilibrium.

* Regardless of whether or not the representative of UNIVER-CITY is present in respective areas, we discover and co-create UNIVER-CITY in every place.

This is an introduction video for UNIVER-CITIES located in various places, acting both locally and globally.

Currently, the linked pages are UNIVER-CITY SEND-AI and UNIVER-CITY Hawkridge.